yoga is a way of life.. For inner peace and good health, practice yoga

yoga is a way of life.. For inner peace and good health, practice yoga

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Decide to Be Happy

I have been thinking a lot lately about happiness. I realize I am very happy. When I consider all of the energy I used over the years being unaware of how simple and easy it is to be happy... well, I'm not sure WHAT I would've done! Traveled more? Had children? Been less self-critical? You might say that these are three things that are my decisions. Aren't they? Who has to give permission for me to travel more? Me, that's who. Happiness is this way, too.

When the Dalai Lama's book, "The Art of Happiness," hit the shelves a few years ago, I ran right out and bought it, ravenous to read through and glean the "secret" I felt had eluded me for so long. The book is an interview with the Dalai Lama and even though he was fine with answering the many questions posed asking him to elaborate on happiness, he insisted throughout that it was really very simple. Are you ready? The secret to happiness is: YOU DECIDE TO BE HAPPY. That is what the Dalai Lama says. The interviewer didn't seem to get it, I guess, because he kept asking complicated questions as if trying to squeeze all the juice out of a lemon.

Have you ever seen the Dalai Lama? Of course you have seen the smile he always has. He is ALWAYS SMILING. Why is this man smiling? He had to flee his country of Tibet within inches of his life, traveling an arduous route through the Himalayas. His fellow monks left behind have endured decades of torture, death, and the Chinese efforts to destroy Tibetan native culture. He has not been able to return to his country since the 1950s. The Dalai Lama has many reasons to be unhappy.

I'll bet you're saying to yourself, "Right!!! Happiness is not a decision. My life is complicated and this is childish." So, does that mean happiness comes from outside somewhere, like from outer space? Is it inherited? Is it given to you, or does it reside inside of you already, repressed perhaps and desiring to come out and play?

Bliss starts right now, right here, from wherever you are in this moment. You can decide to be unhappy and miserable and blame everyone and everything for your problems. Or you can simply accept how things are and have some fun. Do whatever you want. You have permission! No one will mind! In fact, you will attract more positive people and experiences into your life by being happy and upbeat. Not falsely. It can be genuine. You have one life to live. You can live it as a sour puss or you can be a glowing ball of happiness. This is important for peace: Everyone has a gift and your authentic self is crying out to shine and be free, and this spreads person by person. This is not a myth. Let's have a party!

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  1. Real friendship is a very happy gift. And your blog reminds me of that with each entry. Many thanks Audrey