yoga is a way of life.. For inner peace and good health, practice yoga

yoga is a way of life.. For inner peace and good health, practice yoga

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're Sorta Screwed

I know all of you have heard about the recent disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. It might well be the worst thing mankind has ever done to the earth. And to know that the crude oil is gushing uncontrolled, poisoning such a vast amount of water and killing the wildlife is sickening. It's not just sickening to me, but I know it is sickening to you, and everyone who is aware of the situation. On a basic human level, no, on a basic earth-lifeform level, we know that this sort of catastrophe marks a turning point.

We are operating our human society at a level that is not worth the risks. The risks are too great. Regarding energy, if we keep poking holes in the earth (for oil or coal), we run risks like the results we have right now which is an absolute DISASTER (BP oil spill and recent mining explosions). Regarding our economy, and the now-intertwined global economies, we can't seem to self-regulate our human nature away from its tendency towards self-interest and greed. And regarding our government (and most others around the world and throughout history), it is clear that corruption is total, overt, in our faces and in bed with business interests. When any of these major societal systems fall apart, it spells dire consequences not only for people, but now, for the very first time on this scale, the EARTH.

Climate change is still debated, but what's with these beastly winds here in the northeast? Perhaps mankind has affected the climate of the earth, and we might not know for certain. But there is no question that the ecological disaster off the coast of Louisiana was caused by us, we humans. We are capable of pretty terrible acts. Take the atomic or nuclear bomb. Wars in general. How about nuclear energy? It's clean! It's efficient! It's also deadly if something goes wrong. And the way we humans operate, something will definitely go wrong and it will be a terrible situation.

But. I doesn't look to me like humans will stop driving gas-powered vehicles anytime soon. It doesn't look like Wall Street and the financial masters of the universe will stop trying to suck every last dollar into their own hands. It doesn't look like Washington will be anything but bought by big business. The weather is really weird and I feel it. You feel it. We all feel it. The winds of change have an edge to them, of anxiety. I know it: We are screwed.

There is a feeling of euphoria for me, knowing I'm screwed. I am free and empowered to live my life by example, as Gandhi preached. I still bring my cloth bag to the grocery store. I still plan out my car trips to use the least amount of gas. I keep trying to earn enough money to buy a "smart" or electric car and solar panels. I would love to walk or bike to do my errands, but am stuck here in suburbia. The American Dream is killing the planet. My efforts at reducing my carbon footprint are a tiny drop in the bucket with what's going on out there on such a huge level that no one knows what's really going on anymore. There is no human capable of controlling what appears now to be really out of control. Not the Pope. Not Obama. No one. How do I want to live my life going forward? As happy and healthy as I can, with all the compassion and assistance and energy I can give to making life on this planet as peaceful and beautiful as possible.

Let's all send a prayer to poor New Orleans, still struggling after the last insult of neglect following Hurricane Katrina. Let's say a prayer for ourselves, and a very special apology to our poor Mother Earth, on her day.

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